Competitive shooter Dirty Bomb hits 1.0 release

After more than three years in open beta the competitive shooter Dirty Bomb is officially “released”. Marking this occasion is the August 28th 1.0 update. Packaged with this update is a jumble of changes including beta veteran rewards, a new mercenary, Steam trading, a partnership with FACEIT, and more.

Beta Veteran Rewards

dirty bomb beta veteran rewards

Dirt Bomb Beta Veteran Rewards

For playing this free to play game before its 1.0 release, players will receive the following: 1000 RADs, a 14 day credit booster, and one weapon case key. RADs are Dirty Bomb‘s version of a premium in-game currency and allow players to purchase mercs, load-outs, cases, and more. The 14 day credit booster is pretty simple; gain a 50% boost in RADs earned while this is active. Lastly we see the weapon case key which allows players to open one weapon case. These cases have a random chance of dropping after matches and contain items like weapon skins. This is a similar mechanic seen in other games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

New Mercenary Aura

dirty bomb's newest merc Aura

Dirty Bomb’s newest merc Aura

Dirty Bomb employs a roster of characters in the same vein as games like Overwatch or other hero based games. With the 1.0 release we see Aura, a new medic mercenary in the Obsidian Operatives group. Aura handles support items like a healing station and defibrillator. This healing station passively regenerates nearby allies’ health, while the defib allows her to instantly revive downed teammates.

Steam trading is back

Dirty Bomb's First Trade-able Weapon Skins

Dirty Bomb’s First Tradable Weapon Skins

Following in the same path as games like Counter Strike: GODirty Bomb now allows players to trade weapon skins. While the list of tradable skins is only a subset of all available, the Dirty Bomb team is hoping to enlarge it in the future. The developers comment that they hoped to have trading available sooner but faced challenges due to variable loot-box regulations.

FACEIT Competative Game Application

FACEIT, a Competitive Video Game Environment

FACEIT, a Competitive Video Game Environment

Being a competitive shooter means honing skills, tracking stats, and finding new challengers. The Dirty Bomb team is working with FACEIT to help accomplish this. Like other competitive games, Dirty Bomb is implementing a banning system akin to League of Legends draft pick. This means teams take turns eliminating merc selections, and cannot play the same merc as a teammate.

While these seem to be the 1.0 release’s largest features, you can find other improvements such as the return of a game mode, new merc pricing, and other quality of life improvements.