Battle Princess Madelyn set for imminent release

Who wants to see a new platformer then? Or should I say, who wants to see an new action platformer that isn’t trying to do anything massively new and wants us on the nostalgia train? You do? Good. I’ve got a lovely bit of information for you about a Ghouls n’ Ghosts-esque romp that will be hitting your consoles and PC screens very soon indeed. Battle Princess Madelyn is hitting it’s imminent release phase and is due to be gracing us at some point this Autumn.

So as I’ve just mentioned Battle Princess Madelyn is one of those games where you run around hacking at evil things and praying you won’t get eaten by everything that moves. You follow the adventures of Madelyn, a young knight in training and her ghostly pet dog Fritzy as the two set out to save the kingdom and her family from an evil wizard. This daring journey will see you traversing graveyards, swamps, castles and more.

This type of platform romp reminds of two fairly common factors from my youth. I played an awful lot of games like this and two things were always apparent. The first of these is that these games were frantic and you never really got breathing or thinking time while playing. Secondly these games where hard. Many of you will know of Ghouls n’ Ghosts and it’s shocking difficulty, not to mention the whole having to complete it twice thing. The lovely devs behind Battle Princess Madelyn have done something to circumvent this. They’ve given us more than one game mode. If you want fast and furious the game’s Arcade mode is there for you. If you don’t they you can strike out into the Story mode and engage in all of the questing enjoyment it will have in store for you. Speaking of tales, this one was written by a professional child’s author which is absolutely lovely to see.

On top of what I’ve just mentioned this game will have it’s fair share of collectibles for you to gather. Find them all and you’ll unlock some extra rewards and hidden stages. If the 10 levels this game already has, each containing 5 sub-levels, (some of which branch,) isn’t enough there’s more for you to fight through neatly tucked away in the game. Isn’t it nice when you get something more for your effort than just points?

So we have a brilliantly written story, loads of levels to play through and bits to unlock … what about your gear? Well Battle Princess Madelyn will give you a really good sized arsenal of weapons to wield all of which can be upgraded. These upgrades come dependent on your armour should you be playing in Arcade mode or visits to your local, friendly neighbourhood blacksmith in Story mode. While we’re on the subject of weapons some of these will grant you access to secret areas.

Christopher Obritsch of Casual Bit Games stated, “From it’s initial concept days, right through the successful Kickstarter campaign which reached over $212,665 CAD, until its imminent release, Battle Princess Madelyn has developed and grown from inspiration from feedback from my daughterwho inspired the original idea, gamers and ideals from the very best of classic retro games fused with modern presentation complete with gameplay and fun. I believe all our goals have been achieved with much much more added ingredients, features and elements that will have gamers engaged in a game that has been crafted with real planning, dedication and, a lot of love.”

So there you have it. It’s nice when someone pays genuine homage to a very classic, well loved genre. As we’re coming up to release, (I’d love to give you a date but we don’t know yet either,) we’ve also been given a bit of a trailer to show you. I’ll leave you to have a look and decide whether all this is peaking the old interest. From what I’ve seen of it I have to admit, it doesn’t look half bad.