Battlefield V

Battlefield V is looming large on the horizon, for those of us not put off by that crazy reveal trailer. In fact, EA and DICE have just announced that the open beta will begin for early access players on September 4th; the rest of you can jump in 2 days later on PS4, Xbox One, and Origin for PC.

The announcement comes in the wake of EA/DICE’s Gamescom presentation, which also included a brand new Battlefield V gameplay trailer focused on the Battle of Rotterdam. The trailer seems to be a compilation of things blowing up and people doing stunts; it does however also show off the Frostbite engine, all-new animations, destructible environments, and the fabled Battle Royale mode.

EA and DICE have revealed that the open beta will feature the Rotterdam map, as well as an Arctic Fjord map that we’ve yet to see. Both maps will play host to the classic game mode Conquest; the Arctic Fjord map will also run Grand Operations, the newest addition to the Battlefield V mode roster. You can find out more about that here.

The open beta is currently available for attendees at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany (lucky them). The EA/DICE presentation has also taken a close look at the DICE-NVIDIA partnership, and what that means for Battlefield V; notably, NVIDIA’s Ansel and Highlights technology will be available for use in-game, allowing players to capture single player moments in ridiculously high-definition and record gameplay in multiplayer matches instantaneously.

The Battlefield V presentation also made use of NVIDIA’s recently-announced RTX line of graphics cards; promising to bring ‘real-time, cinematic-quality rendering’ to gaming, other demos throughout Gamescom were also using the 20 series GPUs. Here’s the RTX trailer, also revealed at Gamescom:

If you’ve pre-ordered Battlefield V, you’ll have access to a few sweet bonuses; the open beta will be available on September 4th, and the full game, 3 days early on October 16th. If you’re an Origin Premium Member, you’ll be able to play the full game on October 11th, a full 8 days early; for everyone else, the open beta begins on September 6th, and the full game launches on October 19th. Got all that?